Your Key to Effortless LAPS Management on the Go!

LAPSSignify: Your LAPS Management Tool

LAPS Help Desk Console on Your iOS Device LAPSSignify brings the power of Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)
management to your fingertips. With this handy tool, you can effortlessly view and reset the local administrator
password of LAPS-enabled endpoints, directly from your iOS device.

Modern & Flexible

Winsignify Features

View Passwords

View the password of managed Windows endpoints.

Copy Password

Copy the password to the clipboard.

Privacy and Security

LAPSSignify is designed as an enterprise app, ensuring your security and privacy. It's completely free of any advertisements or banners.

View Expiry Dates

View the expiry date of managed Windows endpoints.

Trigger Password Reset

Trigger the password reset of the managed Windows endpoint.

Free to Download and Use

LAPSSignify is available for free download and use.

LapSignify Screenshots

Check out the screenshots of LapSignify.